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Some human beings lack to the brain matter to resolve disputes without violence or threats of violence.  I find it amazing how they can shoot themselves in the foot by declaring their intentions of MURDER live on the internet for all to see…

^ Jeepers!


Disloyalty really pisses me off too…

^ Maybe it’s because you’re a CUNT?


Well I wouldn’t mind…

… getting some cunt thrown in my face.  Quit your bitching!  Oh… so the cunt ruined your face?  Must have been a biggun!


Casual illiteracy…

…makes you a cunt.  Took me 3 reads to decipher this beauty.


Happy Friday!


Quipism number 1

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It’s cruel that people make fun of the way Stephen Hawking talks. I use one of those voice boxes myself and can synthesize with him…

Dot Com

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Putting “.com” at the end of words on Facebook is so cool apparently.  But do people realise what they’re linking… Some are NSFW

^Insurance! Very handy! Are you being paid by

^Fuck you need NHS Direct!

^Thanks for the tip.  I’ll make sure I go to every time I have to read your posts.  *clicks HIDE button*

^Awesome! The collective thought of 150 odd men… “Now i’m going to get ready, go out, find you & take full advantage”  Out of interest –>


^Now you can let know why you’re


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I like food.  Who doesn’t?  Some more than others…

Let me introduce you to someone (not the beast in the above pic) I shall call Edesia , who likes a nibble.

Aptly named after the Roman Goddess of Feasting.

There are some things you just cannot (never ever ever ever ever ever) post as a reply on Facebook.  On a daily basis I have to restrain myself from stating the obvious or casually throwing a cheeky insult that the recipient wouldn’t even get anyway because 90% of people on my friends list seem to lack the brain matter to distinguish between a full-on attack & a playful off the cuff comment.

Here’s what I should have said… “Sneaky what?  Sneaky steak pies?”

That sort of comment gets you a swift punch in the chops doesn’t it?  There’s more…

“Plain toast.  ONE slice.  No butter & with a glass of tepid water”


The above was a true eye-opener for me and left me speechless and unable to think of a suitable quip.  I don’t think “Alone with a kebab at 6:35pm?  I thought kebabs were only supposed to be eaten after a night… ahh did you just get in from last night… didn’t pull… and tried until 6:35pm the next day… TROOPER!” would suffice.

Last one…


In the begining…

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… There where bits of paper passed between classmates with the oh so very heartbreaking “YOU ARE DUMPED” scrawled upon it, previously read by maybe around 5-6 people.

That was the early 90’s.

Move on the the late 90’s or early new millennium and we get an upgrade to gloriously brutal “U R DUMPT” SMS messages, which your ex can show to their friends and you can almost immediately delete and pretend you don’t care.

Now we come to present day social communication standard number 1…


There is nothing quite like it & it gives me a sadistic pleasure to view all my friends going in and out of relationships in a brilliant globally exposed nature. It’s hilarious!

Moaning. Oh the moaning! Constant whining about utterly pointless subjects …

“The dude in Subway has the cheek to check my £20 note to see if it’s real”

(maybe you don’t fit the look of someone who could have a twenty)

“My children’s dad won’t have them on Friday night and now I can’t go to a nightclub”

(resent kids coz they stop me being a whore)

“I can’t fit into my favourite dress, diet starts on Monday”

(maybe cut down on said subways)


I feel the need to share and vent my frustrations and opinions to them but I’m not a massive dick. Well I am a bit of a dick but I’m not rude.

There’s a fuck-load more & with a few slight legal-arse-covering edits (strictly no names mentioned) I’m gonna stick them on the blog to share with the world.

Or maybe just myself. Even if nobody reads this it’ll give me something to cheer myself up with when I feel like shit.

So yeah, my friends have certain traits, common themes and talk absolute bollocks on a daily basis so enjoy!

Facebookisms… out.

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