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I like food.  Who doesn’t?  Some more than others…

Let me introduce you to someone (not the beast in the above pic) I shall call Edesia , who likes a nibble.

Aptly named after the Roman Goddess of Feasting.

There are some things you just cannot (never ever ever ever ever ever) post as a reply on Facebook.  On a daily basis I have to restrain myself from stating the obvious or casually throwing a cheeky insult that the recipient wouldn’t even get anyway because 90% of people on my friends list seem to lack the brain matter to distinguish between a full-on attack & a playful off the cuff comment.

Here’s what I should have said… “Sneaky what?  Sneaky steak pies?”

That sort of comment gets you a swift punch in the chops doesn’t it?  There’s more…

“Plain toast.  ONE slice.  No butter & with a glass of tepid water”


The above was a true eye-opener for me and left me speechless and unable to think of a suitable quip.  I don’t think “Alone with a kebab at 6:35pm?  I thought kebabs were only supposed to be eaten after a night… ahh did you just get in from last night… didn’t pull… and tried until 6:35pm the next day… TROOPER!” would suffice.

Last one…



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