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Some human beings lack to the brain matter to resolve disputes without violence or threats of violence.  I find it amazing how they can shoot themselves in the foot by declaring their intentions of MURDER live on the internet for all to see…

^ Jeepers!


Disloyalty really pisses me off too…

^ Maybe it’s because you’re a CUNT?


Well I wouldn’t mind…

… getting some cunt thrown in my face.  Quit your bitching!  Oh… so the cunt ruined your face?  Must have been a biggun!


Casual illiteracy…

…makes you a cunt.  Took me 3 reads to decipher this beauty.


Happy Friday!


Quipism number 1

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It’s cruel that people make fun of the way Stephen Hawking talks. I use one of those voice boxes myself and can synthesize with him…

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